The Aliante Loop Temporary Trail is now open at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument (TUSK)! Follow the markers to navigate the roughed-in trail to waypoints with QR codes linking to interpretative content of the sights along the 3.25 miles of desert terrain. (Just point your smart phone camera at the QR code at the five virtual interpretive stops and then click the link that appears to access web content highlighting the natural history of TUSK.) The trailhead is located on the east side of North Aliante Parkway and Moonlight Falls Avenue.

We hope this will eventually be a permanent trail with more features. All of that will be decided when the National Park Service (NPS) General Management Plan (GMP) process finally begins this October.

You may also notice a few additions at key access points to the Monument. The NPS has installed a new Citizen Science Station (Chronolog) and two trail counters to determine use rates and gather data for the GMP. Hope you will get out there and check it all out!

For more information, read the NPS press release.